Date Born: April 13, 1996

Skateboarding since: 2000

Lives in: White Rock

Sponsored by: Authentic Board Supply, Protest Skateboards, Skull Skates Wheels, Gullwing Trucks, Vulcan Bolts & Bearings, The Dry Spot, Kilian Clothing, DC Shoes, Monke Grip

Most consistent Trick: Backside Boneless

Favorite Sk8 Spot: Leeside

One of the nicest kids around, and also one of the best skateboarders in the Lower Mainland. He can skate anything, and does skate everything. From big bowls, to little ramps, barricades and street rails, to even being on a Freestyle Skate Demo Team with the Legendary Kevin Harris – and all on his custom shaped old school deck. Any skates hard, lands everything he tries, and loves to teach kids - he’s a master of it all.


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